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Bad Decorator

If you have had a go at painting your home, and totally messed it up, we want to see it!


Send us a selfie of you and the mess you made and if we feel sorry enough for you we will re paint the room FREE!


Charity begins at home and if your needs are special enough, it begins at your home!

Image by Amauri Mejía

How It Works

How To Enter

Just follow the above guide, it's that simple!

Email your 'Shit Decorating' to

Image by Annie Spratt

Because You're Shit At Decorating...

We have made it less embarrassing for you than sending us a selfie of you an your shoddy work.


We have a handy blog to help you when you decide to embark on the impossible in the future. 

Check out the blog here

The Rules

We have to set some rules/guidelines to this a we will be decorating for free. So here they are...

Bad Work

We want the poor decorating to be your work. This is because it will show us that you really need help with it. We will however consider bad decorating done by someone you have paid with the expectation of them doing a good job. 


We will paint any room in your home if you are selected and the worst of the entries. The rooms we will paint free are bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens etc of a standard size. Small rooms such as toilets and utilitiy rooms can be included, but large areas like hall, stairs and landings cannot be included.


As much as we would like this to be open to the whole of the UK, currently we are only accepting entries from homes within Northamptonshire. 

Bad Home Painitng.jpg

A Note About Your Selfies...

We may use them in our advertising, so please do not send us a selfie if you are not happy for us to use them.

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