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Cleaning is one of the most important fcators when in come to looking after your home, but it can be time consuming and frankly boring! 

Hiring a cleaner can be expensive and you might not always get the cleaning standards that you want.

That's where we can help... 
* We don't charge by the hour, only the cleaning time

* Our cleaners are meticulously trained, nothng gets missed

Total Home Care will save you more time and money than any other company but reducing our costs to be the most cost effective and you get a FREE CLEAN EVERY MONTH!

It will soon be even easier to book your time and money saving cleaning service as we are developing an online booking system. In the meantime you can use the contact form or give us a call.

Our Cleaning Services


For Your Peace of Mind

Insurance is a must! We have insurance to cover you in the event of an accident or loss. Our Public Liability cover to the value of £1000000. View documents here

DBS Checks are carried out prior to any person joining the company.

COVID testing is carried out regularly. Staff that present symptoms will be required to isloate until the have a negative test result. Staff will wear a mask if required.

Term's & Conditions...You can read our  here.

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