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House Painting Tools

Any Room In Your Home Painted FREE!
Every 3 months!

At Total Home Care we are always pushing ourselves to find new ways to save you money on your home painting services. We pride ourselves on being the most affordable company whilst holding our very high standards.

So far we currently offer:

The Lifetime Price Guarantee

Paint it forward

Cash or Credits

2024 Payment Plans

Any Room in your Home £375

Whole Home deals from £1150

Anti Mould & Mildew Bathroom £350

Radiator POGOF

What else can we do for you to make painting your home cheaper and easier, other than do it for you for FREE?


The only way way we can make painting your home cheaper and easier, beyond our amazing offers and customer benefits, is to do it for you -  


How could we do that? We are a business. We have business overheads, like materials and labour, not to mention advertising etc


So...It's competition time!

Enter FREE!

Book your Date

Relax while we do the work

Enter again to WIN!


There will be 4 draws in 2024:

March 31st 2024 - June 30th 2024 - September 30th 2024 - December 30th 2024

The draw will take place at 8pm on each of the above dates, live on the
Total Home Care Facebook group (here)

The draw will be made using a free online, random name picker.

Image by David Pisnoy

What's Included in the FREE Prize?

The lucky winner will win 'Any Room In Your Home Painted' FREE, which usually costs £375.

Materials that are included are:

White emulsion for the ceiling,

Either white or magnolia emulsion for the walls and

White gloss or satinwood for the door, architrave, window sill and skirting boards

Filler and sand paper

Any small picture hook and shelf holes will be filled and sanded within the work carried out with the prize.

The winner will be able to choose a room in their home to have painted FREE, or they can choose to have a voucher to the value of £375.

The Small Print


The value of this prize is £375, to the winner only. Should you choose to have a voucher to use at a later date the voucher value is £375. That value is for life.


Should you choose to use the voucher at a later date, at a time where our pricing has increased, you will have to pay the difference.

As you aren't paying for the work as the winner of this prize, you will not be eligable to 'Paint it Forward'.

Materials & Labour

We have outlined the paints that are included in the prize. There are some other things to think about when it comes to materials:

  • You can supply your own paint

  • Supplying your own paint does not give a discount

  • The prize does not include any wallpapering

  • Wall paper is not included

  • Should you supply paint and not be happy with the paint itself, i.e dry colour, cleanability, we take no responsibilty and you would be charged to re paint

  • Hall, stairs and landings, utility rooms, toilet only rooms and other rooms that are smaller than an average size room, or substantially larger than average sized rooms are  excluded from the prize


If the winner of the prize chooses a voucher rather than to have the work done there are a few things to consider:

  • We do not permit the voucher to be sold

  • The voucher value to anyone other than the prize winner, is £0.01

  • The voucher CAN be used towards work of a higher value, discounting the value of the work

  • The voucher is valid for LIFE

  • The value of the voucher to the prize winner is £375, for life

* Terms & Conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Total Home Care

Or head to Total Home Care offers if you aren't entering this amazing competition to

have any room in your home painted FREE - every three months

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