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When it comes to keeping the rooms of your home or rental property fresh, painting and decorating can be a time consuming, messy and expensive job to undertake yourself.

You have to have time off work, use a weekend that you could relax or have family time, or just fit it in around your day to day life....There is another solution that will save you lots of stress, effort and money.

* We have special offers running all the time to ensure that we are providing the most affordable service we can.

* We have decades of experience in all areas of decorating .

* We even offer credit check and interest free payment plans.

It will soon be even easier to book your time and money saving decorating service as we are developing an online booking system.


In the meantime you can use the contact form or give us a call.


What's Included In Our Countrywide
Famous Offer?

What's included:

Filling and sanding of normal types of cracks, picture hook nail and screw holes, tv screw holes etc and any caulking required.

A quick sand (keying up) of woodwork to be painted.

White matt trade contract emulsion to ceiling.

White or magnolia trade matt vinyl or contract emulsion to walls. 

Dulux Once white satinwood to woodwork.


The Small Print:


Max 2 coats


Max 2 coats


1 door, 1 architrave, 1 window sill, skirting boards - Max 1 coat

*The time allocated for the 'Any Room In Your Home Painted' offer is 1.5 days. Extra work included, is at the discretion of the company.

P&D 33%


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