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Are you tired of dealing with an unsightly, mouldy bathroom? Makeover your space without breaking the bank with this helpful guide! With some creativity and effort, you can makeover your mouldy bathroom into a beautiful and comfortable space.

Mouldy Bathroom Makeover

How to Renovate a Mouldy Bathroom On A Budget


Remove Mouldy Silicone and Grout

Mould in silicone sealant and grout can make your bathroom unsightly, but luckily they are easy to remove and replace.


To begin, use a blade to cut away as much of the silicone as possible.


Once done use silicone removal fluid to get rid of the remaining bits. Removing the grout can be done with a Multi Tool or by hand with a grout rake.


We suggest using a Multi Tool if you can get your hands on one as this will make the work much easier.


Thoroughly Clean the Room

Before you begin any renovations, your bathroom must be sparkling clean and free of any mould. There are a few ways to kill and remove the mould.


A cheap and effective way to do this is to mix a solution of three parts hot water with one part bleach and scrub the surfaces of your bathroom with it. Another way is to purchase specific products designed to kill and effectively remove the mould.


As well as the obviously affected areas, be sure to also scrub off any mouldy items in the room as they will not come back!


Once you have thoroughly cleaned the space, if you have access to one, use a dehumidifier to remove any excess moisture that could contribute to re-growth of mould.


Implement Mould and Mildew Preventative Measures

If you don’t address the root cause of the mould, you may find yourself in the same position very soon.


To be sure to prevent a comeback you should implement mildew preventative steps such as ensuring your bathroom remains well ventilated with an extractor fan or adding a humidifier to help reduce moisture in the air.


Additionally, avoid storing used towels and damp clothing in the bathroom to further reduce humidity levels, and ensure windows are opened to aid the escape of wet air.


Use a Mould Preventative/Blocking Paint

To ensure your new bathroom doesn’t become overrun with mould again, use a special paint that helps to prevent and block any future mould growth.


These kinds of paints are typically more expensive than standard paint, but for good reason. Some will guarantee mould will not return for five years, as long as you ventilate the area properly. Simply prime the walls with an accompanying paint before applying your anti mould paint as per the instructions on the tin.


Usually painting two coats are advised for maximum protection. Leave the paint to dry for 48 hours before using the bathroom again.


Replace Mouldy Grout and Silicone

If mould has made its way into the grout and silicone in your bathroom, it’s time to replace them!


Make sure you have anti mould silicone and grout, in the correct colour. Ensure any existing mould or left over unwanted silicone and grout is removed and the area is has been treated and cleaned with your choice of anti-mould cleaner.


Finally, once apply some fresh grout and sealant to finish off your new bathroom look!


How to Renovate a Mouldy Bathroom On A Budget

I recently undertook one of the worst bathrooms I have ever seen and the total cost wasn’t as bad as you might think.

In total, all specialist paints, other materials and labour brought this customers mouldy bathroom makeover to around £600.

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